Dear International Friend,
1. Have you ever considered, that the greatest friend you may ever have, is someone you have never met, living in a land you have never seen?
Well, we can provide you with new friends, in your own age group, in many places --- for POSTAL MAIL only (snail mail) correspondence. We have over 300,000 members in more than 192 countries and our club is now regarded as the greatest penfriend organisation in the world --- established in 1967.

2. The doors of I.P.F. are open to young and old, male and female, married and single. Our youngest member is 8 years old. Our oldest member was born in 1924. To each of you we can bring friendship from across the surging seas --- through English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese languages.

3. Every caste, creed and colour is represented in our club. It includes people from all walks of life --- Army, Navy, Air Force, Artists, Bankers, Businessmen, Clerks, Clergy, Computer Programmers, Dancers, Doctors, Engineers, Social Workers, Scientists, Secretaries, Students, Teachers, technicians, Writers, etc. An IPF member is everybody doing every job under the sun.

4. Whether your interests vary from a desire to cultivate congenial friendship or to practice a foreign language, to improve your technical knowledge, to arrange exchange holidays or to develop your hobbies --- we will provide you with many new, refreshing, exciting and interesting contacts.

5. Membership is for 1 year and during that period we will also pass your name to other members. The pen friends we give you will be in your age group. You may renew for more new members.

6. Our "People & Places" IPF International Magazine. We recommend you subscribe to this magazine for pen pal articles, writing tips, photographs, and poems. It also includes our Club's activities and is only available in English. Your subscription will enhance your pen pal experience.

7. If you are a Stamp Collector, then all the contacts we give you will be stamp-exchanging club members. We have over 6,000 stamp collectors in IPF.

8. A Special School Class Service is available for Teachers, School Classes, Girl Guides, Boy Scouts and all youth Groups aged 10-17 years. Teachers all over the world realize that through international correspondence, their students have the opportunities to:

  • Learn good writing techniques
  • Develop their existing hobbies and acquire new ones.
  • Expand their knowledge of history, geography, travel, languages, world religions, music, people and life.
  • Students have an opportunity to learn the cultures of foreign lands and, as friendships develop, then the possibility of exchange holidays can be explored.

If you are a teacher or student leader, please click here or email us your request for S100E/700 group forms. Tell us your POSTAL mailing address.

9. IPF is regarded as the oldest, biggest and best penfriend organization in the world. Over 1,500,000 applications have been processed....for POSTAL (snail) mail correspondence.

10. We invite you to join us and by your honest and sincere correspondence --- you will encourage international harmony and find many true friends among...
"International Pen Friends."

Sincerely yours,


P.S. We invite you, family, and friends - to join our club for exciting worldwide friendships.


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