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Founded in 1967 in Dublin, Ireland. Celebrating 49 Years! 1967-2016 - Join IPF now and make new friends all over the world!

International Pen Friends, which seeks to "foster international friendship through letter writing", has 300,000 members in 192 countries. It will send you the details of 14 contacts whose age and interests match your own at a cost of about £1 each.See

Welcome on the INTERNATIONAL PEN FRIENDS (IPF) web site, the biggest pen friends organization of the world. Our Penfriends club has over 300,000 members aged from 8 to 80 in 192 countries. International Penfriends (IPF) can provide you with new friends from all around the world. IPF does not match penpals via the internet. The main objective of the club is to keep the art of letter writing alive and to use this form of communications to encourage worldwide friendship. However, many members eventually combine e-mail and other forms of communication with their letter writing.

NB: Please note that we are in no way associated with the World Cultural Foundation based in USA who named their penfriend service 'International Pen Friends'. Our penfriend service was founded in 1967 and we have been using the name of International Pen Friends (IPF) since that time.†

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International Pen Friends, Andrea DAmbra, 21 rue des bonnes gens, 67000 Strasbourg, FRANCE